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Nav Source info USS Pyro AE-24
U.S.S. Nitro AE-2/23
USS Vesuvius AE-15
USS Rainier AE-5
USS Chara AE-31
Site with some Pyro pictures
Another site with Pyro pictures and information
Article from the SFGate "Suisun Bay's ghost fleet may finally R.I.P."
Print of the USS Pyro AE-24 going under the Golden Gate Bridge (on eBay)
Print of the USS Pyro AE-24 leaving port (on eBay)
Wikimapia of the USS Pyro's Final Resting Place (After map opens-Double click the Ex - USS Pyro (AE-24) on the right)

Video of HMAS Hobart by Tom Palmer

Navy Related:

USS AE Association  Association for all AE sailors
Virtual Nitro Class Ammunition Ship
Nitro Class Ammo ships  USS Nitro, USS Pyro, & USS Haleakala   Great site by Jim Timmons (USS Nitro)
Good site for AE information
Specs for 1940-1945 Ships
Another Good site for AE information
United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps - PYRO Division
Remember Boot Camp?

A good Alumni site, we have some shipmates registered here!

Navy - Together We Served

Track Down Old Shipmates:

Commercial sites for finding old buddies, shipmates, etc.; Some require registration, others require subscriptions (you pay) to be interactive.

Military Connections
Hullnmuber - USS Pyro AE-1
HUllnumber - USS Pyro AE-24
Classmates You can find High School, College, and Military here, You don't have to subscribe to browse.

Ports O' Call:

Subic Bay PI Great site with lots of historical photos of our favorite port!!

USS PYRO WESTPAC CRUISE 10-8-1962 -- Pacific Tour via Google Earth click here, if you do not have Google Earth download and install. Instructions

Made available by Bob Smiley and Tyson Green

Veterans Sites of Interest:

Small Town Veteran Interesting site, nice Thank You letter from Becky

The Virtual Wall A site dedicated to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, lists name by several sort categories and has memorials for many of the names. Also has an extensive Links page that list many interesting sites for Veterans

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