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larry Linde | Send Email
Hello to all and any of my old shipmates Am now retired and living in Jacksonville, FL; Any one know what happen to bos,n Sanders or Rmc Robert White;I was a BMCS on board Pyro;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1984-1988
30 September 2008 - 12:01 - Jackson, Florida

kyledsinclair1@yahoo;com | Send Email
Its been a while since I last checked in, so just updating everything
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 70 - 72
21 September 2008 - 22:41

Larry Weyer MM3 | Send Email
I hope everyone had a great summer; Sure would be sweet to hear from shipmates; I have tracked MM3 Chaney down finally; LOL Kim Box!!! errr;Engles!!! How have you been?? Long time no see or hear from you either; If anyone gets bored, look me up on Myspace; Independence Oregon; PEACE!!!
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 88-92
20 September 2008 - 18:15

Renee Leach | Send Email
I'm trying to get back in touch with Jill Haubensak; If anyone knows how to reach her, please email me; Thanks so much!
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 89-91
8 September 2008 - 22:48 - Baltimore, MD

Karl Meyers | Send Email
I was one of two Fire Control Technicians on board in 75-77; I was in the gunners mate division under CW03 Davis; I painted the guns in West Pack coming back on July 4th, 1976 and was wondering if anyone has pictures; I also became handicapped from exposure to primer paints, lead dust and asbestos in the shipyard;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1975-1977
6 September 2008 - 06:06 - Grass Valley, California

Patty Schloss | Send Email
Daughter of Robert P; Mahan who was on the Pyro AE-1 1942-1946; Would like to get stories about her dad during those times when he was aboard ship;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1942-1946
29 August 2008 - 12:05 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

David Bailey | Send Email
Son of Fleet Franklin Bailey who was on the Pyro during WWII; God bless all of you;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1940-1945
27 August 2008 - 10:33 - Louisiana

DK3 Thomas | Send Email
Hello to all the old shipmates;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1984-1986
18 August 2008 - 16:54 - Sacramento, CA

Kevin Stottlemyer (Stot) | Send Email
I wanted to thank Kim Engles for forwarding my email to Wes;Was great to hear from a friend and hope to hear from more;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 87-91
13 August 2008 - 17:08

Larry Buggeln MM2 | Send Email
I painted Oscar;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1959-1960
8 August 2008 - 16:39 - 1255E Evans St San Jacinto Ca 92583

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