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DK3 Thomas | Send Email
Hello to all the old shipmates;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1984-1986
18 August 2008 - 16:54 - Sacramento, CA

Kevin Stottlemyer (Stot) | Send Email
I wanted to thank Kim Engles for forwarding my email to Wes;Was great to hear from a friend and hope to hear from more;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 87-91
13 August 2008 - 17:08

Larry Buggeln MM2 | Send Email
I painted Oscar;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1959-1960
8 August 2008 - 16:39 - 1255E Evans St San Jacinto Ca 92583

fred smith (smitty) | Send Email
Quick, where you at e-mail me i here from pud and dup but never could find you
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1973 and 74
8 August 2008 - 08:05 - vilonia arkansas

Bob Rinehart | Send Email
Quick it is good to hear from you; Email me your phone number and I will get you a call;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1972-1975
4 August 2008 - 10:44 - Indiana, Pa;

Ed Macdonald | Send Email
Anyone remember me? I was aboard from 1982-1985; I would like to hear from you;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1981-1985
2 August 2008 - 23:36 - Lisbon ND

Bob Rinehart | Send Email
Quick I been searching for you for a long time; How ya been buddy; Send me your email address; We have a lot of catching up to do; Good to hear from ya; I have Fred Smith, Ham, Jessie, Steve Miller and a lot more email addresses; Email me!
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 72-75
2 August 2008 - 20:23 - Indiana, PA

Wes Thorn BT2 | Send Email
Well I was able to find BT1 Kevin Stottlemyer; Former MMFN Kim Box-Engles hooked me up big time! I'm sure many of you know what it feels like to be reunited with a good friend after a long (17 years) separation; Thank you Kim! She would not have known to help if it were not for this site; Thank you Pryo shipmates; Next up, BT3 Ryan Shearer; Formerly of San Bernadino, CA
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 88-91
2 August 2008 - 10:14 - Portage, IN

Richard L; Quick | Send Email
I have been going through the Uss Pyro's history, and was remembering the great crew we had onboard from 72 to 76, when I was aboard; BM3 Rhinhart (Rhino), SN Duplantis (Dup), Freddie Smith, and bunch of other great guys; Where are you all ?
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 1972 -1976
1 August 2008 - 23:52 - Santee, Ca;

John Steidley MS1 [RET] | Send Email
Here is a shout-out to "dirty dingus" McGee holesnipe turned CS3 back in 1973 And YES I am the night baker that brought "fresh baked bread" down to the hole at 0300hr for the snipes who always made sure that we had fresh water for the crew;
Years Aboard the USS Pyro (YY-YY): 10/71 to 09/73
29 July 2008 - 17:39 - Tempe,AZ

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